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Plastic Trees

We carry a large selection of plastic decoration trees.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
PS_5050 Palm Tree Lighted 10 ft

Palm Tree Lighted 10 ft

Tall Lighted Palm Trees (10 ft) come in five colors: red, blue, yellow, green and orange.

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PS_5051 Green Cordyline 5ft

Green Cordyline 5ft


PS_5052 Tall phoenix Palm 6ft

Tall phoenix Palm 6ft


PS_5053 Croton Leaf Plant 5ft

Croton Leaf Plant 5ft


PS_5054 Tall Dieffenbachia 3ft

Tall Dieffenbachia 3ft


PS_5055 Heliconia 7ft

Heliconia 7ft


PS_5056 Cycas Palm 6ft

Cycas Palm 6ft


PS_5057 Sago Palm 6ft

Sago Palm 6ft


PS_5058 Sago Palm 8ft

Sago Palm 8ft


PS_5059 Tall Traveller Palm 8ft

Tall Traveller Palm 8ft


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